The Story of Abu Samat

There once was a man named Abu Samat, who lived in Arabia.

Abu Samat was a somewhat prosperous man as a trader and merchant, but he was fat and he did not have a wife.

Finally, his villagers got together and decided that he should have a wife.

A beautiful young virgin girl was found who agreed to become the wife of Abu Samat.

A grand marriage party was assembled. There was much dancing and plenty to eat and drink. Abu Samat enjoyed the party.

However, Abu Samat, being a fat man, and bloated from having too much to eat and drink, gradually felt the overpowering urge to fart.

Abu Samat struggled and struggled and held it in and held it in but finally, after such a long struggle, he could hold it in no longer. Abu Samat let out a tremendous, resounding fart.

Without saying a word, Abu Samat crawled out from under the tent where the party was being held, left his village and even left his country and went far away to another land.

Twenty long years passed. During these twenty long years, his heart ached. He longed to see his mother. He longed to se his father and his family. He hoped to be able to see his villagers again. Finally, Abu Samat resolved to return to his village.

Abu Samat traveled far across the desert. Upon reaching his village, he decided to wait until the night, so as to sneak into the town when nobody would be able to see him.

When it was completely dark, Abu Samat crawled into the town on his hands and knees. He came under a window. From the window, he could hear a mother talking to her daughter.

The daughter said: "Mother, dear, please tell me when I was born. I long to know the year of my birth."

The mother replied, "Yes, my daughter, of course I remember when you were born. How could I possibly forget a thing like that, because you, my daughter, were born in the very year of Abu Samat's fart."

Upon hearing that, Abu Samat, still on his hands and knees, turned around and crawled out of the town, left his country, and never returned again.

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