Desperately Seeking Susan

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April 27, 1995

Susan Ashton Johnson
45 Wilderness Road
Eureka, MO 63025

Re: Desperately Seeking Susan

Dearest Susan,

I have spent many years searching for you, because I saw you in the hospital when you were a newborn infant. I always wanted to meet you and felt that you were like my own daughter. In fact, my own daughter was born just eight months later. If you visit San Francisco, you and your family can stay in my 28-room mansion. I am writing now just to give you some basic facts about your relations.

Your name at birth was Leslie Marie Kuhn. Your father was Lenny Kuhn of Vallejo. He died in an automobile accident in Vallejo two years after your birth. He and his friend Frank were driving a car late at night and they were hit by a woman. Both Lenny and Frank died. Lenny died in the paramedic's arms. Lenny had previously been dating my sister, Rosalind Rich. Rosalind is your mother.

Rosalind states Lenny Kuhn was four years older than her and was married but separated from his wife at the time that they were dating. This may explain the fact that you were adopted. Lenny Kuhn was a ferry boat driver who took the employees from Mare Island back and forth to work. He met Rosalind while she was working on Mare Island.

My father, Sabin Rich, died in 1988 at the age of 92. He was from Princeton, Kentucky. My mother, Doris M. Rich, who is your grandmother, is still alive and in excellent health and living in her home in Vallejo. She was 90 years old on April 26. She is from Barnard, Kansas. Both of my parents were school teachers and invested in real estate.

Both of the parents of Lenny Kuhn are still alive. Your grandfather is 97 and lives in the Veterans Home in Yountville. Your paternal grandmother is 95 and lives in her home in Vallejo.

Lenny Kuhn had two other daughters. Both are married, with children. One of them is a vice-president of Continental Pacific Bank. She has one son. The other works at a pharmacy, and has two children. Both live in Vacaville. Lenny also had a sister-in-law who has stated that she would be very happy to meet you and that you and your family can stay at her house in Napa. Lenny and his brother married two sisters, so you are doubly related to those people.

I have a daughter named Tammy who has her own apartment in San Francisco and works as a make-up artist. She has no children. Her husband died in an automobile accident.

I am ready to provide you with the names, addresses and other details about these people should you request it. Since most of them live in the immediate vicinity of Vallejo, California, it would be advisable for you to travel here if you want to meet them. Your family on your father's side would all be happy to meet you. Doris Rich, my mother would like to meet you. My sister, Rosalind, is married to a doctor and lives in another state. She has a daughter and a son in college who do not know that you exist, so Rosalind has not decided how to handle this, but she wants to know if you look like her.

Best Wishes,

Arden Rich

P.S. I will try to send pictures.

UPDATE - RELATED NEWS: A Florida woman is suing the investigator who tracked her down for a reunion with the daughter she gave up for adoption 35 years ago.

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