Judges Who Belong in Jail

The most common question which I am asked is: How is it possible that your daughter, age 8, was kidnapped, and there is nothing you can do to get her back?

The answer, in a nutshell, is that there are four judges in Virginia who themselves are criminals, judges who should be killed. These four judges are federal judges James Turk and Jackson Kiser, Circuit Judge Michael Gamble and J & D Judge Lawrence Janow. These four judges have been involved in the kidnapping of numerous little girls, not only mine. The parents of none of these girls have ever been able to get their daughters back or ever to see them again.

Some good news has just come down (although too late to help many of the victims of these crooked judges) in that, in an unusual move, the US Court of Appeals has ordered Judge Jackson Kiser to obey the law. Judge Kiser has dismissed, without a hearing, several of my suits to recover my kidnapped daughter. Several suits by other parents have been dismissed by Judge Kiser as well. More than that, these four judges have repeatedly ordered my arrest for my perfectly legal efforts to get my daughter back.

Here is a New York Times report about the appellate court decision directing Judge Kiser to obey the federal law (as if ordering a rank incorrigible criminal to obey the law will do any good): Court to Let Rape Lawsuit Go Forward

Perhaps someone out there can help in having steps taken to have these judges permanently removed.

Here is: Their Side of the Story.

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