More About Dorchen Leidholdt and Other Kidnappers of Children

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Subject: Response to Gangel-Jacob, Dorchen and New York Dirty Judges
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I am using this account as a guest. Dorchen is registered with the Office of Court Administration ( New York OCA) registration as being with the Legal Services Corporation in the Bronx. The founder of Sanctuary is Marjory Fields a Bronx Family Court judge, and Acting Supreme Court Justice. Fields is also co-author of the "Abused Women's Handbook." Funded by Legal Services Corporation and the National Center for Women and Family Law. It is distributed through every state and city agency and HOSPITAL to immigrant/minority women. Fields is also co-director with Anne Reiniger on The National Center for Women and Family Law.

Anne Reiniger is the Executive Director of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children ( NYSPCC ). Reiniger sits on the ADVISORY BOARD/Committee of the New York County Family Court and the advisory board of the 1st Appellate Division Family Law Panel along with Kristin Booth Glen. ( Glen is now CUNY Law School Director and Director of the National Lawyers Guild.) (aka American Communist Party origins)

The other INCORPORATOR of Sanctuary is Robert Martin.( Dir. of Partnership for the Homeless and Administrative Board Member of Catholic Charities of Brooklyn, Queens and New York. Mr. Martin works directly for Bishop Joseph Sullivan ( Jesuit). Sullivan is a Board of Directors member of Victim Services Inc. Sanctuary is the legal housing arm for Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph ( A US Congressional Body Politic Corporation, started in 1828.) (A federal government instrumentality (an agent).

This is why along with the Omnibus Crime Bill Act of 1994, co-authored by Hillary Clinton, your daughter was secreted using the Federal Witness Protection Program ( of the FBI ) funds. The Violence Against Women Act Fed Legislation in 1994) specifically allows where an "emergency" exists for alleged victims and their children to be relocated by the government.

If you will take the time in the NY Public Library the UN Commission on the Status of Women and their Declaration of the International Bill of Rights and Disarmament, you will begin to see how Dorchen and the "fem legal militia" ( Jesuit and NYSPCC run) has entrenched itself through Sister Marjory and Sister Anne sitting on the US Advisory Board for the US Dept. of Health and Human Services. ( Incorp 1974 federal statue).

Please respect my need for confidentiality. Now that you see the Jesuit run UN program, perhaps you can see how Dorchen could become your "best friend". The Legal Services Corp is a quasi government agency and can be in the 1974 federal statutes - which prohibits her kind of activity.

You will also want to examine the New York Women's Bar Association. If you are interested in further info, please contact the Corporate and Legal Research Society @ PO Box 842 NY NY 10016.

You can also contact Rep Dick Armey ( US Congress, from Texas ) Rep Barr from Georgia, Repp Tom Delay and Senator Fred Thompson.

Once again, I'm not signing because this is not my account.

Good luck, and watch your federal judges in the SDNY and the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

You can also watch Manhattan Cable Channel 17 alternate Sundays @ 5:30 PM and look for Corporate & Legal Research Society.

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