Bibi Lee killer has been arrested in New Zealand

Bradley Nelson Page, who was found guilty of the 1984 gruesome murder in the hills above Oakland California of a young Chinese girl named Bibi Lee, but who got out of prison on parole after serving only two and a half years, has been arrested in Te Awamutu, New Zealand.

The new crime, although minor, bears similarity to the last, because this time he was arrested for indecent exposure, showing himself to a girl who was coming down a mountain hiking trail. The murder of Bibi Lee also took place on a mountain hiking trail.

Bradley Nelson Page was climbing a small mountain near the New Zealand town naked and 'flashed' a female tramper coming down the path.

I found out about this new arrest yesterday when Dean Taylor, a journalist in Te Awamutu, New Zealand, did an Internet search, trying to find out information about Bradley Nelson Page, and hit upon my web site at . He contacted me, asking for more information about the California case.

Bibi Lee was a brilliant student of linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley. She had transferred from Harvard University as a junior. Her father was a Mathematics Professor at M.I.T. On the fateful morning in 1984, she went off jogging in the Oakland Hills with her boyfriend, and never returned. Search parties were organized to find her, but never did.

Months later, police detectives played a dirty trick on her boyfriend, Bradley Nelson Page. They told him that they had found her dead body, when actually they had not. Bradley Nelson Page confessed to the crime and also revealed that, on a regular basis, he had returned to the Oakland Hills and had dug up her dead body and had had sexual intercourse with it.

Bradley Nelson Page was charged with murder and rape. However, the California Court of Appeal reversed the rape conviction, because it is legally impossible to rape a dead body. Bradley Nelson Page was sentenced to four years in prison for murder.

Civil rights advocates demonstrated against this conviction, claiming that the confession had been coerced, because the police had lied to him when they had claimed that they had found her dead body. This case was even featured on the Connie Chung Show.

Bradley Nelson Page remained out of prison pending appeal and did not begin to serve his sentence until 1992. He got out of prison in 1995.

New Zealand authorities are wondering how he was able so easily to come to their country.

Bradley Nelson Page is returning home to the US this week. I was hoping that he would stay in New Zealand longer.

Sam Sloan

PS. I am running for election to the New York State Legislature in the 56th District of Brooklyn. The election will be held tomorrow, February 12, 2002.

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