Clinton's Black Baby Hoax??

Even reputable publications have been reporting that there is a rumor that there was a black baby fathered by President Clinton, born in 1984 or 1985.

This story is based on a claim that a prostitute in Little Rock, Arkansas named Bobbie Ann Williams was paid for sex by the president in 1984, and then produced his child.

The newspapers have also reported that this woman maintains a "Clinton's Black Baby" website. Here is the report in the New York Post: NEAL TRAVIS' NEW YORK: Bill's illegitimate concern

Betty Currie
Never gave a blowjob to the President

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I believe that this story is a hoax. I have never been able to find such a web site. The President has a known predilection for blond haired women, and has never been known to go with a black woman.
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It is also unlikely that a full time prostitute would give birth to a customer's child.

Another version of this story forms the plot to the movie "Primary Colors", about a young female staffer who has sex with the future president and then has his baby. It appears that the movie itself is the source of the rumor that the President has a black baby.

If anyone has any news at all about this black baby or is able to find such a web site, please e-mail me.

Sam Sloan

UPDATE: Somebody e-mailed me the address of the website of Clinton's Black Baby. Here it is: Clinton Has a Negro Son .

Here is the text of a published article about Clinton's Black Baby, including photographs of the mother and her child: Clinton's negro whoremongering brought him son that he hides

By the way, I do not endorse this. I also do not believe it. I am just providing the information for the reader to decide.

UPDATE: This story, which has been on my website for the past year, is just now appearing in Star Magazine.

December 28, 1998 Stephanopoulos Used Threat to Stifle Clinton Son Story

Here is a link: Still Even More Women Testify about Presidential Blowjobs

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