Letter to Dr. Martin Blinder

Arden Dee Rich
2550 Webster Street
San Francisco CA 94115 USA

June 28, 1995

Dr. Martin Blinder
130 Melville Road
San Anselemo, CA

Re: Problems with care of Doris Rich, during 7 months of conservator's "care":

1. No exercise program of any kind for Doris Rich.

2. Doris Rich is never taken outside to insure that she receives sunshine.

3. Meals are poorly prepared and barely eatable. Palu, who doesn't know how to cook, serves the same food over and over again, for weeks and months at a time: cold chicken wings with prepared BBQ sauce poured over then, potatoes served cold with nothing on them, a few pieces of iceberg lettuce with nothing on them and a piece of white wonder bread with nothing on it. Now, it is sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Both Gloria Duckett and Palu do not have any knowledge of nutrition. Although my mother was supposed to have gallbladder problems and has high cholesterol (1000 ?), she was continued to be served food high in fat and cholesterol. Palu buys junk food and food of poor quality, for example wonder white bread and artificial fruit drinks in big gallons, which my mother hates and will not eat. My mother complains that food is wasted and when I check the garbage cans and I can see that this is true.

Any food that I cooked and left or bought like loafs of different kinds of whole-wheat breads or rolls that I put in the freezer was promptly throw in the garbage can.

4.Palu has a conflict of interest and is selling my mother Schackley products. For example, she sells my mother high doses of vitamin E and types of food supplements without checking with her doctors. Several months ago, I purchased for my mother Schiff multiple vitamins and minerals to take twice a day and calcium tables. I had her internist, Dr. Harriet Stathakos, that works in the Women's clinic at UCSF, 400 Parnasus, San Francisco, OK them before I instructed my mother to take them. Of course, the multiple vitamin already has a daily supplement of vitamin E. I told this to Mr. Moore at the meeting at UC with Dr. Kate Skinner on June 7, l995, but my mother is still being given the high does of Vitamin E by her caregivers.

5. As far as I know, no appointment has been made with an endocrinologist for my mother's Paget's disease, then even though Dr. Kate Skinner stressed the necessity of this to Mr. Moore at the June 7, l995 family meeting .

6. The caregivers obviously have no medical education or background. When they take my mother to see a doctor and the doctor asks them what the problem is, they say: "I don't know." Once, when I asked the caregiver what my mothers temperature was, she said, "Normal, 96 degrees." On April 26, 1995, when my mother was taken to UCSF to see Dr. James, who does bone tumors, his office person, Kathy, later said: "Those people were the dumbest people that I have ever seen." They had not brought her UC card or any information about her case. As a result, they had to be sent home, because the doctor did not know why they were there.

7. None of my mother's empty apartments or houses have been rented in the 7 months of conservatorship, especially the two units on the back lot of my mother's house and the in-law apartment to the side and beneath her house. Since my mother lives in a high crime area, this is a safety problem for my mother, since she is left alone on many occasions even though her help is paid $250 a day for two caregivers or $125 a day for one caregivers. My mother complains that they are lazy and only work about two hours a day and mainly watch TV or play cards. My mother says that she has to clean up after the mess they leave especially the stove.

8. Mr. Moore wants only me to have restricted visiting of 3 hours Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays and no over night visits even though I have heart disease and my cardiologist states this adds stress and that I shouldn't have to follow such a rigid program since many times I take 5 buses and BART to reach my mother's house and it may take 3-4 hours one way. Also, my mother not only wants me to visit more and stay longer but she wants me to never leave her, because she feels safe and trusts me and knows I have a medical training as an RN and School and Public Health Nurse and over 25 years of experience. In addition, I have 30 years experience in owning and managing real-estate. My brother, who mentally abuses me and my mother by screaming and cussing at us, and my younger sister Myrna (that has physically and mentally abused me, my mother, my father (died in 1/88) and my daughter) have no restrictions on visitation. My older sister from Akron, Ohio, Rosalind, and her daughter Hillery visited my mother and stayed and lived on my mother's property in the in-law-apartment for a week from May 16, 1995. Any problems the caregivers or Mr. Moore have with my mother they blame on me, but my mother has a mind of her own. My brother makes up lies about me. I find it hard to believe that people actually believe him, All they have to do is ask my mother and she will tell them the truth.

On 6-23-95, at 8:00 AM, my mother called me and had these complaints, "I can't eat. I feel like I'm going to vomit. I can't sleep. My head aches. I feel pain. I have a lot of pain in my pelvic area. I wish I were dead. I can't stand this burning pain. This last year has been the worst year of my life." I asked Palu what she was planning to do and she told me she had an appointment today at 10 AM with Dr. Thomas Leonard(internist),190 Hospital Dr., Vallejo, 707/552-6383. I called the doctor's office to get some information and was told that no appointment had been made. My mother had been seen there June 19th and had been told to return in 3 weeks. Just then, while I was talking to the doctor's office, Palu called for an appointment, but was told that the doctor wasn't going to be in today. I asked Palu what she was going to do about my mother's pain, since my mother has no pain medication and the doctor was not available. Palu said "I can stand it since your mother has had pain for a long time." I said why hasn't my mother been taken to Dr. Arnaud for medication and treatment for her Paget's disease. Palu said, "Who is suppose to make the appointment." I told her that Mr. Moore, Gloria or she makes and takes my mother to all the appointments. (I Have expressed many times that I would like to do this but I am not allowed to). Her answered was, "We will wait until the doctors make the appointments."

My mother called Tuesday evening, June 27, l995, but I was out. When I called her back on Wednesday at 9:00 AM, June 28, l995, Palu said that she had a bad night and she was sleeping, I asked if an appointment had been made with Dr. Arnaud. She said that they were waiting for him to get back to them.

Mr. Moore states that he is a "social worker." Mr. Moore is not a lawyer and has no medical background. Yet, he is allowed to make decisions which affect her life and health and he can and has prevented her from going to the doctor to obtain the medical treatment which she needs.


Arden Rich

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