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August 24, 1990
Bangkok General Hospital
Ward C 4, Room No. 419
Soonvichai Lane, Petchaburi Road

Attn: Mohd. Ismail Sloan

Re: Legal Guardianship of Helen Marjorie Sloan

Dear Mr. Sloan,

We write to advise you that we represent Mr. Creighton Wesley Sloan, your brother, the legal guardian in the above referenced matter. Creighton Sloan was appointed as the legal guardian of his mother by the Virginia Court Decree certified and authenticated by the U.S. Department of State and the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington DC, attached hereto. We have been appointed to undertake securing physical custody protecting and determining what is in the best interest of Helen Marjorie Sloan. You act of abducting Mrs. Sloan from the guardianship of our client may constitute contempt of court. Under said court decree, you have no power whatever to represent her interests. We have filed a complaint with the Makkasan Police Station to take custody of Mrs. Sloan once we are in receipt of the original documents from the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, DC. You are hereby advised to refrain from doing anything on her behalf, failing which appropriate action may be taken against you in a Thai court.

Sincerely Yours,

Boonchoo Yensabai

Enc. as above

cc. Creighton Wesley Sloan

Contact address - please send e-mail to the following address: Sloan@ishipress.com