Obituary of William J. Casey, by Ismail Sloan, in Arabic

William J. Casey was a bad guy. He was a pathological liar. He was close to President Nixon and, for that reason, became first the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and later the Director of the CIA.

Casey and I did not get along. He sued me five times while he was chairman of the SEC. It was because of Casey, and the efforts of his right hand man, Stanley Sporkin, that my name is permanently enshrined on the official shit list of the SEC.

But at least I had the satisfaction of writing the Obituary of Casey when he died in 1989. They would not publish it in English, but the Arabic language press agreed to publish it and so here it is. This was published in Al Wehda newspaper in Abu Dhabi:

By the way, my obituary of Casey is not entirely complimentary. I only hope they remembered to drive a stake through his heart before they buried him.

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