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August 13, 1995

James A. Moore
P. O. Box 163657
Sacramento CA 95816

Re: Doris M. Rich

Dear Mr. Moore,

I have received your letter in which you state :"At the court hearing regarding the conservatorship for your mother it was brought out during your testimony that you owed your mother's estate approximately $300,000."

I was present in court during all of these proceedings. I recall no such testimony. I do not owe my mother $300,000. I do not owe my mother any money at all.

My mother, for many years, has regularly made gifts and provided assistance to all of her children and to her grandchildren as well. My mother has given money and occasionally houses and property to Neel, Myrna, Rosalind and myself. She has also paid some legal fees. These gifts altogether amount to a considerable amount of money, but to less than $300,000 as far as I am aware.

My mother has often stated that she has helped her children when they needed help and that she does not expect repayment of any kind.

Furthermore, as your letter indicates, I filed for bankruptcy in 1992. My mother received notice of this proceeding, but never filed a proof of claim. Accordingly, any alleged debt owed by me to my mother, if there had been any such debt, would have been discharged.

Very Truly Yours,

Arden Rich

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