Sherrie Densuk, Convicted Shoplifter

WASHINGTON - An ex-White House intern with a mysterious link to President Clinton will provide a "major development" in Sexgate when she testifies to the grand jury this week, her lawyer said yesterday.

His remarks fuel the mystery surrounding Sherrie Densuk, a 24-year-old songwriter and sometime actress who lives in Midtown Manhattan.

Sexgate special prober Kenneth Starr subpoenaed Densuk, who was an intern at the White House at the same time as Monica Lewinsky, to appear before his grand jury Tuesday.

Densuk's lawyer, Keith Watters, said "it's fair to say" that Densuk's story involves a direct link between her and Clinton.

"It's a big story. Monica Lewinsky is a big story. This is a big story," Watters told The Post.

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In the first pictures of Densuk, she at times looks eerily like Lewinsky. She appears in a series of glamour and modeling shots, apparently made for a portfolio, including some that show her wearing a Monica-like beret.

UPDATE: The grand jury investigating the Lewinsky matter is to reconvene on Tuesday, but one scheduled witness, Sherrie K. Densuk of New York City, apparently will not appear as expected. Ms. Densuk's attorney, Keith Watters, said that her testimony has been postponed indefinitely. He said that she had suffered emotional distress because of news reports about her possible appearance as a witness in the Lewinsky investigation.

A lawyer involved in the grand jury inquiry said that she was a minor witness who was not a direct participant in any of the matters under investigation.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Starr likely to drop Densuk as a witness because of her extensive arrest record, primarily for shoplifting.

Sherrie Densuk’s rap sheet.


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