I believe that this photo is fake.

I think I could do a better job myself. Only this morning I was thinking to myself, "What sort of fake photo could I create of Di doing what." Giving Dodi a BJ? Everyone knows that Princess Diana didn't do that, which is why Charles dumped her for Camilla, who does.

My next idea was to create a photo of Dodi eating Diana's pussy. However, that would too obviously be fake. Dodi kept changing girlfriends, so he obviously didn't eat pussy. Every good girl in her right head knows that if the guy doesn't eat pussy, to dump him quick. Dodi's previous girlfriend had complained to the press that Dodi was no good in bed. Therefore, we know that Dodi did not eat pussy.

Just when I was contemplating this problem of what kind of fake photo to create that people would believe was really Diana, this came in.

You have hit my home page 11,104 times today looking for this photo which I did not have until now and which I just stole from someone else, so I have an obligation to show it to you. Be sure to go all the way down to the very bottom of this page. Those who do not want to see something truly awful and disgusting should stop here and not look down. Even I am not happy about publishing this photo.

Sam Sloan

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