Eleanor Mondale: What is Her Connection, if any, with the President?

One of the unnoticed items which came out during President Clinton's Video taped testimony was an incident on December 6, 1997 when Monica Lewinsky came to the White House gate, only to be told that Clinton was in a private meeting with Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of former Vice-President Mondale.

Upon hearing this, Monica Lewinsky went ballistic. She flew into a jealous rage.

The question is: Why Did she do this? She obviously believed that some hanky-panky was going on between the President and Eleanor Mondale.

Experience tells us that women are often right about things like that. What did Monica know that we do not know?

The Starr team claims that Clinton later said "Just forget this ever happened", or words to that effect. Starr claims that these words were all part of a nefarious cover-up.

But on November 11, 1996, according to Ken Starr's exhaustive dossier, Monica Lewinsky confided in her friend Linda Tripp the fear that Bill Clinton was beginning a "relationship" with one Eleanor Mondale. "Maybe she's not sleeping with him yet," Lewinsky told Tripp on the phone, but "anyway, there's the excitement. He's the President."
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I had never heard of Eleanor Mondale before the Clinton Video, but now that I have seen her pictures, I can understand what Monica was worried about.

Sam Sloan

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