Second Letter about Fosamax

Arden Rich
2550 Webster Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
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August 15, 1995

James A. Moore
P. O. Box 163657
Sacramento CA 95816

Re: Doris M. Rich

Dear Mr. Moore,

I have received no reply from you to my letter to you dated August 8, 1995 in which I advised you that Dr. Claude D. Arnaud, M.D., my mother's doctor at the UCSF Medical Center, provided a written prescription a new drug for my mother's Paget's disease, called Fosamax or Aleudrouate, but this drug is only available in Mexico.

I have since learned that there is an agency in San Francisco which regularly goes to Mexico to purchase drugs for AIDS patients which are not yet available in America. They also do it by mail.

I am willing to put you in touch with that agency so that this drug can be obtained to treat my mothers life-threatening disease.

I wish to remind you that it is due to your criminal negligence in not obtaining any treatment for my mother's Paget's Disease in the nine months since December that you were appointed as the "temporary conservator" that this disease has progressed unabated. It was known that my mother has Paget's Disease well before you were appointed as the temporary conservator and this fact was even mentioned in the court investigators report back in May, 1994.

Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that this medicine be obtained for my mother right away.

Very Truly Yours,

Arden Rich

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