Mountain Gorilla Put to Sleep: Too Old

The Melbourne Herald Sun
April 1, 1998

Gorilla's long life ends

MELBOURNE Zoo's granddaddy of gorillas has died.

Zoo staff said silver-backed Buluman, 39 - a great age for a gorilla - had kept his nurturing character until he had to be put down on Monday.

Buluman Meets his Destiny
This Mountain Gorilla was put to Death in the Melbourne, Australia Zoo

"Everyone who worked with him said that he was a gentle, loving personality," zoo spokesman Judith Henke said.

He had lived well beyond the lifespan he might have expected to survive in the wild, where 35 is a great age.

Coincidentally, a three-week-old gorilla died in Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo just hours before Buluman was put down.

Ms. Henke said: "Often you would see the young ones play and sit next to Buluman. A baby gorilla needs nurturing just like a human baby."

Buluman is survived by the youngsters he reared, Buzandi, 6, a male, and his sister Bambuti, 4.

Jack Taylor

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