It was a Hoax - Castro is not suffering from a fatal brain disease

It was just too good to be true. Castro is not suffering from a fatal brain disease. He will probably live to a very old age. The "doctor", Elizabeth Trujillo Izquierdo, who reported this terrible disease, is not a doctor at all. She was a book keeper working in an office.

The story was originally carried in a Spanish language newspaper in Miami. It was repeated in the Miami Herald the next day. It was then carried on all the major wire services and news reporting agencies around the world.

An illness on the part of no other world leader would evoke this much attention. It proves how desperately so many people want Castro dead.

"Doctor" Elizabeth Trujillo Izquierdo tells her story to eager news reporters in Costa Rica

One defender claims the story is still true. "Castro will get sick and die some day," he says.

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