I Just Got Out of Jail

In case all you fans out there have been wondering why you have not heard from me lately, the fact is that I just got out of jail. I was in San Francisco and Alameda County jails for a total of 42 days from May 3, 1995 until June 13, 1995.

This concerned a child custody case, regarding my two boys, Michael, aged 6, and George, aged 5. This keeps happening to me. I have seven children that I know of and, for the past nine years, I have been harassed by endless litigation involving the custody of all of these children. I have been arrested nine times during that period, all regarding child custody cases.

In my 42 days in jail this time. I never went to court, I was never charged with anything, I never appeared before a judge, and I was never given the opportunity to explain my side of the story.

My arrest this time was engineered by an organization called "Sanctuary for Families" located at 105 Chambers Street, New York City, and their attorney, Rosemonde Pierre-Louis. This organization has repeatedly kidnapped my kids. It had kept Michael and George hidden from me for the pervious four years. In spite of the valiant efforts of both myself and their mother, Dayawathie Rankoth, to keep Sanctuary for Families Inc. from finding out that I had located my children, they eventually found out any way and got me arrested on entirely false pretenses the same day.

Everything they said in their application to have me arrested was a lie, but what can I do about it? Meanwhile, they have had my two boys picked up and taken to New York and are hiding them again. It may take me another four years to find my children again.

I previously mentioned the problems I had been having related to this in an e-mail message entitled "Badboys".

I cannot understand how this group, which is connected with Charles and Shelby Roberts of Lynchburg, Virginia, who successfully kidnapped my daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates five years ago, can keep getting away with using the legal system to kidnap my children.

This only happens in America. In a civilized country, like Iraq for example, nobody would dare to steal a man's children.

By the way, after 42 days in jail, I was simply cut loose. There is no case pending against me in any court anywhere regarding this.

Sam Sloan

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