Mariko Inori, female Go Champion

Mariko Inori born in Chiba Prefecture in 1970. She learned go when she was 8 years old. She became shodan at age 10. She was admitted to the Insei League at age 11 and she quit the Insei League at age 14.
Mariko Inori
Mariko Inori

She won the 1st prize in Japan Female University Championship and also 8th prize in the Japan Intercollegiate Championship (both men and women) in 1991.

She won third prize in the Japan Woman's Championship in 1993.

She is now rated as an 7 dan amateur.

She is a member of the Shinji Shumei-kai.

She is the elder sister of Professional Go Player Yoko Inori.

The number 23 has special meaning for her.

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