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You guessed it. We are going public soon (we hope).

Why Not to Buy Stock in Sam Sloan's Company

I have received letters from eleven states telling you why you should not buy stock in my company. Rather than disagree, warn, modify or mollify, I have just decided to let you read the letters and decide for yourself.

Here are the letters.

(There was also a letter from Texas, but the envelope came empty. I must make sure to offer stock to George W. Bush. Otherwise he will be angry.)

If you are from one of these states, be sure to read this. Not a bad idea if you are from another state either.

Alabama http://www.samsloan.com/alabama.htm
Alaska http://www.samsloan.com/alaska.htm
Illinois http://www.samsloan.com/illinois.htm
Kansas http://www.samsloan.com/kansas.htm
Maine http://www.samsloan.com/maine.htm
North Dakota http://www.samsloan.com/ndakota.htm
Ohio http://www.samsloan.com/ohio.htm
Oregon http://www.samsloan.com/oregon.htm
South Dakota http://www.samsloan.com/sdakota.htm
Tennessee http://www.samsloan.com/tennesse.htm

Sam Sloan

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