Former President wins Idiot Prize for Stupidity

The weakest elected president by far in modern American history was awarded the idiot prize today by a committee in Norway.

Jimmy Carter never understood and still to this day does not understand that the path to world peace is not through weakness.

His presidency is remembered for 18% interest rates, the highest rate of inflation in US history, an energy crunch that forced Americans to wait in line for gasoline, and such a weak foreign policy that 41 American diplomats were taken and held hostage for 444 days in Iran with impunity.

Even after being repudiated by the US voters, when he lost in a landslide unprecedented for an incumbent president, Carter still did not understand. He consistently advocated weak foreign policies. He consistently sided with guerrilla forces trying to overthrow established governments. We can only be thankful that Carter was no longer president when Iraq invaded Kuwait or when the civil wars started in Yugoslavia, because Carter would have done nothing.

The only president weaker than Carter was President Ford, but Ford was never elected and therein lies a distinction.

Another distinction is that Carter was a bright man who pursued stupid policies. In contrast, we now have a genuinely stupid president, who was not elected but who was appointed by the US Supreme Court, and who is about to do something no American president has ever done, which is to attack another country and start an unprovoked war.

Sam Sloan

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