Jeanette Jacobson and Cassel Jacobson

Jeanette Jacobson is to the left. Next to her is Gloria Smith Sloan, the wife of my brother, Creighton. Next is Cassel Jacobson and at the far right is Tess, the new wife of Cassel. This photo is dated April 20, 1987.

Jeanette Jacobson died in December, 1989. She was a career elementary school teacher in Long Beach, California. She never married and as far as anybody know never had anything remotely approaching a boyfriend.

Jeanette liked to claim that she was the youngest of the six brothers and sisters. Actually, she was the fourth. The six children of Wesley and Mary Jacobson were Marjorie, Graham, Cassel, Jeanette, Alden and Newell, in that order. They were born in intervals of almost exactly one year. Jeanette was born in 1914. My mother, Marjorie Jacobson Sloan, was born in 1910. Here is a link: My uncles

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