Love Letter from Indonesia, Modern Style

I have just yesterday received another letter from Indonesia. This one is in English, so I do not need to have it translated.

This letter was written by a 14 year old girl!!! Her name is Julia and she is a junior high school student. I met her in the Stardust Disco in Jakarta. She wanted me to meet her the next day, so that she could introduce me to one of her girlfriends. I gave her the number at my hotel and she wrote her address for me. I told her that I might possibly leave for Japan the next day but that, if I did not go, I would be very happy to meet her and her friend.

The next morning, she called me at my hotel at 9:00 AM sharp. She said that she was calling from near to her school. She wanted to know if I was going to Japan that day. I told her (truthfully) that I had just received a call from Tokyo and I would be leaving that evening, but that I still had time to meet her and friend before going to the airport. Julia said that she would call back at 12:00 noon. The girl she wanted me to meet was a student in her civics class and she would call me back after speaking with her friend.

Julia never called back. I caught my flight to Japan at 8:00 PM that evening.

Here is the letter she wrote to me. Although it was mailed on October 15, Julia neglected to write "Air Mail" on the envelope, so it apparently came by sea mail and arrived only yesterday, November 28. There is 1700 rupees postage on the envelope, so I imagine that should have been enough for air mail.

What do you think of this?

Jl. Perdano Raya No. 1C
blok HH
Jak-Bor 11460

Jakarta, 15 Okt 1995

Dear Mr. Sam,

I'm sorry Mr. Sam. I did not call you back because my mother money has been missing USD 3,800 - And now my mother so confuse about that because, my mother must pay the house USD 6,300. If we not pay the house, me and my family must move out. So when I'm not call you back because my mother asked me to lent money from my friends but my friends just a student, how can they have a lot of money? My brother and my sister already lend the money to they bos and they friends but my brother and my sister only got USD 2,300 so we still need USD 1,500.

So Mr. Sam I hope you can help me. I sorry Mr. Sam I know that I just get know you, but I really needs this money. Can you lend me USD 1,000 or USD 1,500. I realy expect your help, sir? My mom cry every day because she can't pay the house and we must move out.

Mr. Sam about the subjects we discussed while you were in Jakarta don't worry Mr. Sam when you return to Indonesia I will introduce you to the girl. Please, Mr. Sam lend me the money I will pay you back but not so soon Maybe when you return to Indonesia. If you lend me the money just put the money with your letter in the envelopes don't worry it would be missing. Can you send to me in this weeks? Please, sir, I need this money on Tuesday or Wednesday, Oktober 31 or Nov 1. I hope you can send me the money and your letter before October 25 and I hope you will receive this letter. I will wait for your letter Mr. Sam.

NB: Please sir lend me USD 1,000 or USD 1,500. But I hope you can lend me USD 1,500 because we still need USD 1,500.



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