Kerry Wood: Pitched the Best Game in Baseball History, and at the earliest age

I am not at all interested in sports (unless you consider chess to be a sport). However, something important happened in the sporting news last week, which almost everybody seems to have overlooked.

Kerry Wood, a rookie baseball player only 20 years old, who started the season in the minor leagues, in just his fifth major league start, but with a 100-mile-per-hour-hour fastball, pitched what one commentator called “arguably the best pitched baseball game in history”.

Kerry Wood struck out 20 batters in just 9 innings, a National League record and a remarkable fact when one considers that there are only 27 outs per side in a baseball game, plus it rarely happens that a single pitcher pitches an entire game nowadays.

The only hit against him was not really a hit; the ball never left the infield and bounced off the third baseman’s glove. The official scorekeeper marked it as a hit, for reasons best known only to himself.

Only twice in the game did the ball even leave the infield, and both times they were caught for outs.

So many baseball records are flukes, caused not by the players playing well but by accidents, coincidences or by the opponents playing badly.

However, this was obviously no fluke. History tells us that athletes who show great promise at an early age usually go far. The name of Kerry Wood is likely to be featured prominently in the sporting news for years to come.

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