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February 7, 1990

Stephen Kimmel
United States Vice-Consul
P. 0. Box 9343
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dear Mr Kimmel,

I understand from you that the United States Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan has received a request from a person who claims to be a lawyer representing Honzagool, the mother of my daughter, Shamema, and who is seeking information concerning the whereabouts and welfare of Shamema.

As you know, Shamema is in Fujairah with me and is quite healthy, happy and attending school. She is in the third grade in the Arabic language medium. Nevertheless, there are some facts which you should know, if you do not know already, about this case before proceeding further.

I was married to Honzagool in Chitral, Pakistan in February, 1980 and, pursuant to the terms of the marriage contract, I took her and her cousin, Aziz-ur-Rehman, with me to America. Honzagool received the green card, but Aziz-ur-Rehman absconded. He was arrested at least twice in America and finally was deported back to Pakistan at U.S Government expense in July, 1982. One month later, on August 28, 1982, Honzagool also want back to Pakistan, leaving our daughter, Shamema, behind with me.

Since August, 1982, I have diligently engaged in a continuous effort to determine the whereabouts and well-being of Honzagool. I have made many telephone calls, written many letters, and several times visited Pakistan in this connection. I was just recently there from December 7 to December 25, 1989. I went to Chitral and Islamabad trying to locate Honzagool. I could not find her. Incidentally, I did not have the opportunity to visit the U S Embassy in Islamabad, but I did go many tines to the U. S. Consulate in Peshawar, where I met with U.S. vice-consuls Dan Larsen and Craig Carp.

In the eight years which have passed since Honzagool went back to Pakistan, we have never yet received any letter, telephone call or any other form of direct or indirect communication from Honzagool. Naturally my daughter, Shamema, who is now eight years old, is quite anxious to meet her mother. Shamema has written many letters on her own to her mother. We know that at least some of these letters have been received, but Shamema has never gotten a response from her mother.

Significantly, from what I understand from you, Honzagool herself did not approach the U. S Embassy in Islamabad. Rather, the Embassy was approached by a lawyer claiming to represent her. He gave the name of "Anjuman-e-Khawteen".

Anjuman-e-Khawteen is not the name of a person. It is the name of a phony front "woman's welfare" organization which has often been used as the mailing address for Honzagool. When I was in Islamabad just now, I went to the address given for that organization, which is 100 Harley Street, Rawalpindi. That turns out to be the address of the "Khwaja Group of Companies" including the "Khwaja Glass Company". It is a fortified area, surrounded by a high wall with broken glass on the top of the walls and defended by attack dogs. It would obviously not make a suitable private residence for anybody, unless somebody was actually being held a prisoner in there.

I suspect that the Khwaja Group of Companies has some connection with Dr. Khwaja Mahboob, a wealthy doctor residing in Howard Beach, Long Island, New York, U.S.A. who substantially financed the so-called "Honzagool case" in the Bronx Supreme Court in 1982. I was told in 1982 that Dr. Khwaja had put out a contract to have me killed so that Honzagool, my wife, could be married to his son. This is one of the reasons that I was not too upset when Honzagool went back to Pakistan. I have written a little pamphlet about this case called "The Story of Poor, Little Honzagool", and if you happen to come across it, you will see the name of Dr. Khwaja mentioned many times.

However, I suspect that the person who has approached the U S. Embassy is either Raja Ehsan Aziz, who was involved in the litigation in New York and who wrote hundreds of newspaper articles attacking me which were published in Pakistan in 1982 and 1983, or else his relative, Raja Abdul Rashed. The rumor in Pakistan is that Raja Abdul Rashed is a lawyer who arranged for an ex-party divorce by Honzagool from me in Pakistan after her return, and then married her himself, on payment of some 500,000 rupees (equivalent to nearly $ 25,000 U.S. Dollars) to Aziz-ur-Rehman. Aziz-ur-Rehman has constructed his own public school in his village of Drosh and has become one of the richest men in Chitral because of receiving this money. The reason that Raja Abdul Rashed would pay such a huge amount of money for the services of my wife is that more than four tines that amount had been collected in a not-for-profit corporation established in the State of New Jersey called the "Honzagool Defense Fund."

The latest rumor in this regard is that Honzagool has now bean divorced by Raja Abdul Rashed, after having produced two children from him. Raja Abdul Rashed may be interested in getting a hold of my daughter as a way of getting Honzagool back for himself I spent one night in the village of Honzagool in Chitral when I was just there and her villagers and close relatives there told me that she was not happy with him. She spent several months in Chitral this past summer, but had gone back to Rawalpindi by the time that I arrived.

Probably, the thing which caused Raja Abdul Rashed to contact the U S Embassy at this time is that when I was in Pakistan just now, I filed two court cases against him. One is in the Rawalpindi Family Court, and my lawyer there is Raja Mohammed Hanif Satti. The other is before the Civil Session Judge of Chitral, and my lawyer there is Iqbal Shaheen. Both lawyers are reporting good progress in their cases. I am being urged by them to come to Pakistan to attend these cases. The next court date in Chitral is February 27 and in Islamabad is March l.

However, I have an obvious security problem If I should happen to win these cases, the officially prescribed punishment to the defendants is death by stoning. Obviously, Raja Abdul Rashed will not be pleased with this prospect. If I lose the case, I myself could be in serious trouble

Here in the United Arab Emirates, I also have a security problem. There are one million Pakistanis living here. The danger that someone night try to kidnap my U. S. citizen daughter and take her to Pakistan is quite real. Many people think that I must be crazy to keep my daughter in a place such as this. However, we are obviously such more secure here than we would be in a place like New York City, for example.

You are no doubt aware of the famous recent case in Khor Fakkan, the town next to Fujairah, in which two Irish men tried to kidnap a little Irish girl almost the same age as Shamema and take her back to Ireland. They succeeded in capturing the girl, but were arrested on their way to the airport in Dubai They were subsequently tried and convicted, but were thereafter pardoned and released. The men were sent back to Ireland. The little girl is still here in Khor Fakkan.

Another factor which I think that you probably know about already is that in America, Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Shelby Roberts are also claiming the right to the lawful custody of my daughter. Mrs. Shelby Roberts was employed by me for a period of four years from August, 1882 until August, 1986 as a baby sitter to take care of Shamema After that, she and her husband, Charles, filed a suit for the custody of Shamema in the Amherst County Virginia Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Just two days before that suit was filed, I terminated her services as a baby sitter and removed Shamema from the State of Virginia.

Since that time, they and their attorney have been in frequent contact with the State Department. They claim that the Amherst J & D Court has awarded the custody of Shamema to them. My information is that this is entirely false, but that the Amherst Judge may have awarded custody to the Amherst County Department of Social Services until such time as the child could be located and brought to the State of Virginia. If you check your files, you will see that as early as November, 1986, the U.S. Consulate in Dubai was acting on a request from Mr. & Mrs. Roberts to locate the whereabouts of Shamema

Although, according to my information, the court never awarded custody to Charles and Shelby Roberts, it did in fact put out a nationwide detention order for Shamema. My daughter's photograph has appeared on milk bottles all over America. A friend of mine picked up a leaflet seeking her whereabouts in a shopping center in New Jersey. I spoke to somebody named Bill Crawford on the telephone a few weeks ago who is either a State Department employee or an F.B.I. agent who is still apparently trying to capture my daughter.

On exactly October 15, 1988, the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi received another request for information concerning the whereabouts and welfare of Shamema. I remember this date because, probably not by coincidence, this was the seventh birthday date of Shamema. In response. Robert Murphy, who was the U. S Consul at the time, wrote a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Roberts in which he stated that Shamema was, among other things, "the brightest child I have ever seen." By the way, I would like to obtain a copy of that letter, which must be in the files of the U. S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

In short, as you can see, quite a number of people are interested in locating the whereabouts of my daughter. The only person who has never yet inquired about the welfare of my daughter is the mother herself.

I would like to arrange a personal meeting between Shamema and Honzagool or, if that is not possible, then perhaps some other form of contact such as by telephone or letter. On the other hand, I have no interest whatever in having Raja Abdul Rashed, Raja Ehsan Aziz, and the rest of their gang come in contact with my daughter. I also have no interest in having Charles and Shelby Roberts contact my daughter, although I have not stopped their letters, which come quite frequently. (Shamema got a package from them just yesterday.)

What I propose is that the U S. Embassy in Islamabad inform that person, whoever it may be, who has approached the embassy, that if Honzagool herself comes to the Embassy, the Embassy will provide to her information about her daughter If Honzagool is, in fact, produced, then I request that you inform her I am prepared to provide her with a visa and an airplane ticket to cone to the United Arab Emirates to visit her daughter.

By the way, I must inform you that in my opinion, this offer will not be taken up. I do not believe that they will be prepared to bring Honzagool to the Embassy. If they bring her, they will probably not allow her to be interviewed in private, without them present. Finally, it is extremely unlikely that they will allow her to travel to the United Arab Emirates to visit her daughter.

The simple fact is that they have every reason to fear that Honzagool will run away. They have always kept her under tight control and this no doubt is one of the reasons why she has not contacted her daughter in all these years.

Nevertheless, I think that this offer should be made anyway. Many years have passed and there is a rumor that Honzagool has recently been divorced or, in any event, is not on good terms with Raja Abdul Rashed If the effort to enable her to contact her daughter is successful, it will solve a problem which has persisted for many years and is likely to continue for many years more otherwise.

I would greatly appreciate your help in this regard.

Very Truly Yours,

M Ismail Sloan

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