Another look at Lin Ok, a girl in Seoul, Korea

Lin Ok was a truly beautiful, delightful girl I picked up in all of five minutes at the US Sportsmen's Club in Seoul, near the Hamilton Hotel. I took her to my room in the Crown Hotel and fucked her six times that night. It is easy to see why. A more delightful girl could not be imagined. No money was involved.
Lin Ok

She gave me her address and her telephone number. A few days later, I went back to Japan. Only about a week after that, I was sleeping on Saturday night in an All-Night Sauna in Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku when somebody stole my wallet, which contained the address and the telephone number of Lin Ok. I was never able to find her again.

If anybody sees Lin Ok, please let me know. I am not even sure if her correct name is Lin Ok. That is only my best recollection.

Sam Sloan

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