Letter to Mario Junior

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September 2, 1994

Mario Jack Sacripante

Dear Mario,

I just came across your address in my papers, so I decided to write you.

I have suffered a great misfortune during the past two years since I last saw you. Nevertheless, in the meantime, I have written a movie script. It is set in Japan. It is entitled: "Hard Times in Tokyo, Japan." Of course, it is about things which could never possibly happen, but I thought that you might be interested in reading it anyway.

Incidentally, I just met a lady in New York who knows you. To tell you the absolute truth, I do not know her name. Anyway, she met you in England and says that her girlfriend was your girlfriend. You convinced that girlfriend to return to Japan, but when she got there, she dumped you, she says. Does this sound like anyone you know?

Anyway, please read the partial movie script I am sending you. You may find it interesting, even though it is a completely made up story. It includes a section about a Namaita style show in Shinjuku. Do you have any ideas about this movie? Who would you recommend to play the various roles in the movie?

The entire script is 120 pages long. What I am sending you is just a brief sample. I have not contacted any movie production companies yet. Do you think I should try to find a film maker in Japan, or one in America?

I hope to hear from you, to hear how you are doing.


Sam Sloan

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