Letter to Mary Sue Terry

M. Ismail Sloan
917 Old Trent's Ferry Road
Lynchburg, VA 24503

(510) 548-6815

August 17, 1992

Mary Sue Terry
Attorney General of Virginia
101 North 8th Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Dear Ms. Terry:

I hereby request the commencement of a criminal prosecution against Judge Lawrence Janow, Commonwealth Attorney William H. Petty, Assistant Attorney General Barbara J. Gaden, Charles Roberts, Shelby Roberts, Jay Roberts and others regarding the kidnapping of my three children plus my mother through the efforts of the above named persons.

In view of the fact that there is a clear conflict of interest in that your office had previously undertaken the legal defense of the some of the above named persons and in addition your office has shown itself to be clearly unwilling to undertake the prosecution of these clear cases of kidnapping, I request the appointment of a special persecutor to investigate and prosecute these cases.

I would like to point out that in other states with a more fully developed legal system, a special prosecutor is routinely appointed in cases such as this. Indeed, I suspect that Virginia is the only state where a state official can be directly involved in kidnapping a child form a foreign county and not go immediately to jail for this. Since these kidnappings have quite obviously occurred and since your office is clearly prepared to do nothing about it, I believe that the appointment of a special prosecutor is mandatory in this case.

In the first place, it is patently obvious that a kidnapping has occurred. My daughter, then aged 8, disappeared from the front yard of my house in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, at about 1:00 PM on the afternoon of October 7, 1990. She was brought to the home of Mr. Charles Roberts in Madison Heights, Virginia in the early morning of October 9, 1990. Since an eight year old child would clearly be incapable of traveling half way around the world by her self and since Mr. Roberts had spent the entire previous four years harassing me and trying to kidnap my children, it was obvious that my daughter had been kidnapped by Mr. Roberts.

Further evidence later emerged in the form of the airline tickets which were used to bring the children to America. There tickets to fly on TWA had been purchased by Jay Roberts at the Holiday Travel Agency on Church Street in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Incidentally, Charles Roberts did not have legal custody of Shamema at the time of this kidnapping, even in Virginia. The first time he was ever awarded custody was by the order (illegal in my opinion) of Judge Janow dated July, 1991, nine months after the kidnapping.

Everyone familiar with this case, including even friends of Mr. Roberts, agrees that he id guilty of kidnapping my daughter. Yet, your office refuses to prosecute him. Charles Roberts, a complete non-relative, is still holding Shamema Honzagool, now aged 10, to this day. An Interpol warrant is outstanding for the arrest of Charles Roberts in connection with these kidnappings, but he has not been arrested, because there is no extradition treaty with the United Arab Emirates. There is nothing to stop you from arresting him, however.

Next, comes Judge Janow. In fact, the reason why Charles Roberts has not been arrested is that he is being protected by Judge Janow.

I wish to file a complaint under the American Convention on Human Rights regarding the kidnapping of six infant children plus my 80-year-old mother.

To be extremely brief, my mother, Dr. Helen Marjorie Sloan, was kidnapped on September 3, 1990 out of her hospital bed in the Bangkok General Hospital, through the efforts Stephen R. Pattison, a United States Consular officer, and was transported against her will from Thailand to the United States. The sum of $27,000 was paid to a professional kidnapper named Boonchoo to facilitate this kidnapping. For the four years prior to that kidnapping, my mother had been living as a fugitive and a refugee in foreign countries, because of the efforts of persons living in the United States to imprison her and to extort money out of her. Since her kidnapping, my mother, who is now 82, has been held as an incarcerated prisoner in Aiken, South Carolina.

At the time that my mother was being kidnapped, the same consular officer was also attempting to kidnap my three children, ages 8, 2 and 2. I managed to escape with the children from Thailand, only to be apprehended in the United Arab Emirates one month later.

On October 6, 1990, I spent one and a half hours in the United States Embassy in Abu Dhabi, talking to Ronald Simkin, the consular officer on duty there, complaining about the fact that we were on the run because an effort was being made by the embassy to kidnap my children. The very next day, on October 7, 1990, while I was taking a nap, my three children were kidnapped from the front yard to my house in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. One child, a little boy, Michael Rankoth Sloan, aged 2, was abandoned the next day in Abu Dhabi, because he was a boy (they only want girls) and was too difficult to manage. The other two children, Shamema Honzagool and Jessica Vithanage, were taken to America, where they arrived in the home of Charles Roberts, who had paid twelve thousand dollars for these kidnappings, on the morning of October 9, 1990.

One month later, on November 15, 1990, three other unrelated children, Sarah, Rebecca and Bethany, ages 8, 7, and 6, were kidnapped by the same religious group that kidnapped my children and were also taken to Amherst County. These three little girls were kidnapped off of a public Greyhound Bus in Roanoke, Virginia. Their mother had been in the process of taking the children to their grandmother's house by bus. These children are still being held in Amherst County, Virginia, the same place where my daughter, Shamema Honzagool, is also still being held.

All six of these children are alike in one respect. All of these children have international origins. The mother of my daughter Shamema is named Honzagool. Honzagool resides in a remote village in Chitral in Northwest Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan. Her great-uncle is Prince Mohay-ud-Din, who is the current Minister of State in the Government of Pakistan. My other kidnapped children, Michael Rankoth Sloan and Jessica Vithanage Sloan, have a mother from Sri Lanka.

The three other kidnapped children, Sarah, Rebecca and Bethany, have a father from Bolivia. Their grandfather is Juan Carlos Camacho-Romero, who is the District Attorney of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

These kidnappers are able to get away with these kidnappings, because the natural parents of these children are too far removed to be able to fight to get their children back. Also, the judge in Amherst County, Virginia is a corrupt and crooked judge named Lawrence Janow. Judge Janow is clearly in league with the kidnappers and actually participated in and approved of these kidnappings. Needless to say, having involved himself in the kidnappings of these children, he has refused to disqualify himself as a judge and he will not allow any other judge to interfere in these cases.

In our case, however, the kidnapped children have not entirely disappeared. Rather, they are being held prisoner through a governmental entity. The natural parents of the children who are still being held are not allowed to have contact with the children or even to know where they are. These children have been held by a religious organization or cult in Amherst County, Virginia, of which Judge Janow is apparently a member or a sympathizer. The kidnappers intend to adopt the kidnapped children.

Very Truly Yours,

M. Ismail Sloan

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