Susan McDougal, the woman who has sat in prison for 17 months to protect her president

I am constantly asked why I keep posting photos of good looking women on my web site, when that diminishes the importance of other matters discussed on my web site, such as my daughter being kidnapped for example.

The answer is simply that if I do not post these photos of good looking girls, nobody will look at my web site! (Why did Newsweek put a gratuitous photo of Michelle Kwan on its cover this week?)

Now I bring you a photo of the "other woman" in Bill Clinton’s life, a woman who has sat in jail for more than one year just to protect her president, by refusing to testify against him.

In this photo, Susan McDougal is being brought in chains to a room where she will once again be asked if she is willing to testify against her president.

If she testifies, she goes free. If she still refuses to talk, she stays in prison!

What secrets does this woman hold? Is she trying to protect Bill or is she trying to protect herself?

One thing for sure: Bill has proven time and again that he likes to be associated with good looking women.

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