Megaman Legends question

In Megaman Legends, a Playstation video game, when you go into the dress shop and talk to several girls, one girl asks you to buy her a dress.

Another girl says, "You are kind of cute. .... Come back any time."

Can you get these girls to do anything, such as take off their dresses for example?

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Sam Sloan

On Sun, 30 Apr 2000 15:09:09 +1200, in "Sieg" wrote:

(shakes head in disbelief)

Let me're about 14 years old, right ?

But, to answer your question, one of the girls in that shop will have the key to one of the subquests later on. Oh...and the counter girl will ask you if you have a girlfriend...excited yet ?

On Sun, 30 Apr 2000 06:04:04 -0700, in Number 9 wrote:

Of course they will, and they are hot!

By the way, your little monkey pal will do some kinky stuff with you too if you hold down all 4 buttons and then press L1-L2-R1-R2-L1-L1-R1-R1-L1-R2 in that order. This game should have a mature rating!

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