The New Millennium Begins Today, March 19th, 1999

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 17:53:59 -0600
From: "Murrell G. Selden" ( )
Subject: The New Millennium Begins Today
Today, March 19th, 1999, at evening, the New Millennium has begun at sundown.

Jesus Christ was born in 2 B. C. (first holy year). The second year was 1 B. C. Then, it was followed by 1998 years, for a total of 2000 years. Those years ended at sundown today, with the sacred year 2001 beginning at sundown, when the first crescent moon was seen. So, today is Nisan 1. April 1st is Nisan 14, the Passover, per the ancient calendar.

We see now wars about to break forth. Check out:

It is too late. God's time table has come to pass. No one can stop to bad things which are about to happen!

Soon, world power will be handed over to the UN for "one hour." All persons of the earth will be in fear of the terrible Great Tribulation. This "one hour" may be a short number of years, and the Bible says no one would live, if it were not terminated by God. Many people will die, but don't give up. It will end! Have faith and try to obey God and keep His commandments. Pray for forgiveness, and perhaps you will be spared.

After this horrible period, which is beginning with the Dow near 10,000 while preparations are readied to attack in Serbia, the Kingdom of God will be set up on the earth.

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