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November 14, 1995

Judge Nail
Solano County Superior Court
Solano County Courthouse
600 Union Avenue, 2nd floor
Fairfax CA 94533

Re: In re Doris M. Rich, Case No. P34215

Dear Judge Nail,

I wish to inform you that the restrictions which continue to be placed to make it difficult for me to see my mother are having a deleterious effect on my physical health.

I have had, since childhood, a heart condition. Because of Mr. Moore's actions in depriving me of my natural right to see my mother and in depriving my mother of her natural right to see her daughter, I now have to take the bus all the way to Vallejo three times a week, which takes 3 1/2 to 4 hours each way, just to see my mother for only three hours.

My cardiologist informs me that this constant going back and forth, whereas previously I could spent the weekend freely at my mother's home and stay overnight if I wished, is causing me severe heart problems, with chest pains.

Meanwhile, my sister Myrna, who has admitted to having assaulted my mother in the past, is allowed to visit my mother's home at any time, although my mother does not want her there. Myrna comes three times a week to wash her boyfriend, Ralph, and his son's clothing in my mother's washing machine, even though my mother does not want her washing machine used for that purpose.

Very Truly Yours,

Arden Rich

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