Tokyo bans sex with teenaged girls for money

In a shocking development, The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has completely banned sex with teenage girls for money. The ban goes into effect on December 16, 1997.

Mark this date on your calendar, so as to not miss your chances before the time runs out.

This development has occurred because of the latest fad in Japan, which is "enjo kosai", in which girls, often as young as 12, date much older men in their 50s or 60s for money. Reputable publications in Japan report that 4% of all 13 year old girls in Tokyo have dated men for money pursuant to this fad and around 50% of all 16 year old girls have called the telephone clubs which pay them to talk dirty to Japanese men about this possibility.

The Japan Times for October 10, 1997, page 2, reports that the new law will probably not have any effect, as the girls will merely evade the law by taking off their high school uniforms when out on dates.

Sam Sloan

Here is the full text of the Japan Times article announcing the new law: New Metro law bans adult sex with minors.

Here are two more newspaper articles about child prostitution in Japan: A Plain School Uniform as the Latest Aphrodisiac and Schoolgirls as Sex Toys .

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