Shamema's Note

When my daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan, was kidnapped on October 7, 1990, she left behind a note. The note said:

"To Sam

"We are going to a Pakistani Frind's house in dibaa mabey we will come back this afternoon becose they are going to have a marage party. Renuka called them and they told her, Michael cannot go becose he has nothing good enufgh to wear. Like cindarela.

"Please don't worry about us. if you want to speak to us you call 81912.


Here is that note:

Dibba is a small town in the United Arab Emirates about 80 kilometers north of Fujairah, where we lived. The number 81912 turned out to be the number of a pay phone across the street from where we lived. Obviously, Shamema did not know that she would not be taken to a marriage party in Dibba, but rather that she would be taken to America and would not be allowed freely to see her father again.

Here is a link: Wanted for Kidnapping

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