Pakistan Passport and Identity Card of Honzagool

Because Honzagool was completely illiterate, even in her native language of Khowar, I had to obtain all the documents for her. Honzagool could not even sign her own name properly.

Here is her passport. Inside the right hand side of her passport is affixed her Pakistan Identity Card, which is known in Pakistan as a Shanaty Card. The passport number is AH602097. The Passport shows that it was issued in Peshawar, Pakistan.

The Shanaty Card number is 103-62-072743.

Here is the Green Card of Honzagool: Honzagool's Green Card

Here is the Wanted Card for Honzagool's cousin, Aziz-ur-Rehman

Here is a Photo of Honzagool

Charles and Shelby Roberts are Wanted for the Kidnapping of Honzagool's daughter, Shamema.

Here is a link: The Story of Poor, Little Honzagool

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