A girl from Patpong Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Here is the story of this girl. I flew in one night for just a one night transit stopover in Thailand. I went to Patpong Road in Bangkok. There is an outdoor restaurant there where prostitutes hang out. The good thing about that place is that those girls are their own bosses. Nobody can tell them what to do.

I told the girls there that I had no hotel room, no place to stay. I also did not have much money. I wanted to stay with a girl in her own place. For that, I would pay the price of the girl and get a place to stay for free.

This girl volunteered and took me home with her. I was surprised to find what a nice place she lived in. Small and cozy, but she had her own color TV.

Here she is reading a newspaper article with my picture in it. She was very impressed with this article.

I have since lost her address. I also cannot remember her name. If anybody sees her, please let me know. She spoke English quite well, especially as compared with the other girls.

Contact address - please send e-mail to the following address: Sloan@ishipress.com