I thought I might ask this question since you are interested in this subject.

It is highly likely that my girlfriend, Passion Julinsey, was pregnant with my child when she moved out.

Indeed, this may be the real reason why she left me.

We certainly had lots of sex, sometimes with protection, when she insisted upon it, but sometimes without.

She had put on weight while with me, at least five or ten pounds, perhaps more. In fact, when our next door neighbor saw the picture of her on my computer, he did not know who that was, although he saw and spoke to Passion almost every day.

She told me she was having periods but I saw evidence that this was not true.

She often said that if she got pregnant she would have an abortion.

My question is: Is there any way I can go to court and stop her or try to stop her from having an abortion?

I am aware of the numerous United States Supreme Court rulings which are negative on this point.

Since you are in touch with right-to-life groups, perhaps you might know of some loophole that can be used either to stop her or perhaps just to embarrass her into not doing it.

By the way, I was extremely careful with her because of this. Another man would have laid down the law or kicked her out or done something because of her craziness, which went on for six weeks before the final episode.

She moved out on January 18, more than three weeks ago. Perhaps I should have tried to do something at that time, but I still had some hope that she might come back.

We had sexual intercourse the last time on the night of January 15. However, this was protected sex. If she is pregnant, by far the most likely time for this to have happened was in late November when we were having sex every day, usually without protection. She missed a period which should have come on December 16.

I have posted a picture of what she was like when I met her in October at

However, she is much fatter than that now.

I would be willing to start a court case to stop her from having an abortion, if I thought this might have any chance of success.

Sam Sloan

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