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The Platonic Relationship of America's First Couple

Many Washington observers are wondering why, in the face of the obvious truth, Hillary Clinton so staunchly supports her husband in this moment of presidential crisis. Being in such close proximity to the venue of her husband's escapades, she would have to be pretty dumb (which she clearly is not) not to get a whiff of all the hanky-panky that goes on in the oval office and its adjoining rooms. Yet, whenever Bill is called on by the press to come clean, there is Hillary, right there by her man, acting as if Bill only had eyes for her.
Hillary Clinton

In a book soon to be released by THE ORSDEN PRESS, one of President Clinton's concubines, who has until now managed to avoid the limelight, reveals the dark secret of the Clinton marriage: The first couple have not shared the same bed for more than a decade. What Clinton has revealed to this former girl friend in one of his more open moments, is that Hillary is frigid. Intellectually, Bill and Hillary are a dream team, but sexually they have never been able to get it together.

Publicly, they appear to be the ideal couple, so in order not to break up this politically convenient marriage, Bill got Hillary's consent years ago to play the field.

You will be shocked to learn that in the White House, there is a person in charge of screening all potential presidential playmates. They are screened not only for their political reliability and discreteness, but are also given a medical examination to rule out any chance of the president contracting a venereal disease.

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