Sam Sloan is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of England

Yes. It is true, I must confess. Samuel Howard SLOAN and Elizabeth II (Alexandra Mary) WINDSOR Queen of England are 12th cousins 2 times removed.

Here is the proof.

My father was Leroy Bayfield Sloan (1910-1986).

His mother was Emily Bayfield (1879-1966)

Her mother was Emily Peterson (1849-1918)

Her mother was Anna Stina Bengtsdotter (born 1823)

Her mother was Maria Jonasdotter (born 1800)

Her father was Jonas Nilsson (1774-1805)

His mother was Helena J?ransdotter LEIJONFLYCHT (1735-1804)

Her father was J?ran Magnus Andersson LEIJONFLYCHT (1704-1759)

His mother was Maria Elisabet G?ransdotter-Sterna (died 1732)

Her father was G?ran G?ransson-Sterna (died 1677)

His mother was Virginia Johansdotter-Rytter (died 1688)

Her mother was Katarina H?kansdotter-Hand (born about 1587)

Her mother was Virginia ERIKSDOTTER (VASA) (1559-1633)

Her father was Erik XIV, King of Sweden (1533-1577)

His father was Gustaf I King of Sweden (1495-1560)

His son was Karl IX Gustafsson (Vasa) King Of SWEDEN (1550-1611)

His daughter was Catharina Karlsdotter (Vasa) Princess Of SWEDEN (1584-1638)

Her daughter was Eleonore Katharine Countess Of ZWEIBR?CKEN (1626-1692)

Her daughter was Christine Princess Of HESSE-ESCHWEGE (1648-1702)

Her son was Ferdinand Albrecht II Duke Of BRUNSWICK WOLFENBUTTEL (1680-1735)

His daughter was Juliane Marie Queen Of DENMARK (1729-1796)

Her son was Frederik Prince Of DENMARK & NORWAY (1753-1805)

His daughter was Charlotte (Louise) Princess Of DENMARK (1789-1864)

Her son was Luise Wilhelmine Friederike Princess Of HESSE-KASSEL-RUMPENHEIM (1817-1898)

His daughter was Alexandra OF DENMARK (1844-1925)

Her son was George V WINDSOR of England (1865-1936)

His son was George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur) WINDSOR (1895-1952)

His daughter is Elizabeth II (Alexandra Mary) WINDSOR Queen of England (born 1926)

Now it is time to go and reclaim my crown.

Sam Sloan

Here is my family tree: NOTE: These pages were produced by me through the software available from the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. However, I am not a member of that church.

Sam Sloan

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