Please Remove Judge Janow

It appears that Judge Lawrence Janow of Amherst County, Virginia is up for reappointment again in January, 1998.

I would like to launch a major campaign to unseat him. Do you have any ideas about this?

I can document that Judge Lawrence Janow has had at least ten little girls kidnapped from both of their parents. None of these children were actually residents of Amherst County or of Virginia at the time that they were kidnapped and brought to Virginia. The most recent case has happened within the past few months. A woman named Gloria Vosburg had been a "fugitive from justice" by Judge Janow since 1985. She was recently apprehended in Florida and she and her daughter were extradited from there. However, her daughter was held only briefly by Lynchburg Social Services and then released, because she is now about 16. Gloria Vosburg is now out of jail and reportedly living in Northern Virginia.

It is important to note that Gloria Vosburg got her daughter back only because she had almost grown up by the time Judge Janow succeeded in having her kidnapped. My own daughter was kidnapped in 1990 at the age of 8. I have never gotten her back. Another woman named Claudia Wilson had her three daughters kidnapped by Judge Lawrence Janow in 1990 and has never seen any of them since. Yet another child kidnapped by Judge Janow got her freedom only by getting married to a homeless bum just after she had passed her 16th birthday.

It is important to have this evil monster removed from the judicial system. Any ideas on how to accomplish this would be appreciated.

Sam Sloan

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