Apartments for Rent in Park Slope, Brooklyn

We speak Japanese. We have apartments for rent. Call us at (718) 638-2581 and ask for Al Fogelson or Terumi Kaneyasu.

WE WERE ON JAPAN NATIONAL TELEVISION On October 9, 1996, our building in Park Slope, Brooklyn was featured on a program on Japan National Television. This TV show was about living cheaply in such places as Hawaii, Hong Kong, Rome, Paris and New York. In the segment involving us, a famous Japanese actor, Tanba Tetsuro, calls us asking for an apartment for rent. Tanba then takes the subway to our building, which is the old A.G. Spalding Manufacturing Building, where baseballs, footballs, soccer balls and various other kinds of balls were once made. This is a big red building in Brooklyn. Al Fogelson greets Tanba at the door and takes him on a tour of this remarkably spacious building. At the conclusion, Tanba shakes hands with Fogelson and they agree on a price of $1000 (one thousand dollars) per month rent for this apartment. Has anybody seen this on TV? If so, please let us know. (Fogelson would never really rent that apartment for only $1000 per month. He might consider $2000 per month, however.)

We are 10 minutes by train from Wall Street, 5 minutes by bicycle from Brooklyn Heights. We are the largest landmark area in the US. We have a large Japanese clientele that rents apartments from us. We have as partners Japanese investors. They would be happy to be references for anyone who would be interested in investing with us. We are Japanese. We would be happy to meet with any interested party. Investment could be as low as $200,000.

Call (718) 638-2581.

Fax us at (718) 857-8613

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