153-90 Rockaway Blvd, #155
Jamaica NY 11434

(718) 949-2512

E-Mail Address: samsloan@samsloan.com

Birth: September 7, 1944, Richmond, Virginia

Majored in Mathematics at the University of California at Berkeley, 1962-1967. Winner in the Virginia Science Talent Search. Scored 800 on Math College Boards. BA in Math, 1966

Worked at Hayden-Stone, a stock brokerage firm, 1968-1970, as an over-the-counter trader. From 1970-1975 was proprietor of Samuel H. Sloan & Co., a major market maker in over the counter securities. From 1976 until 1986 associated with Shareholder Communications Corporation, a Wall Street stockholder relations firm, as a financial consultant, where I drafted prospectuses for distribution to stockholders and prepared documents such as 10-K reports for filing with the SEC.

From 1986 to 1990 was the owner of Berkeley Computer and Ismail Computer, small computer businesses in Abu Dhabi and Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

Have been associated with Al Fogelson and Butler Place Associates, now at 24 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn NY, as a consultant, throughout this period from 1985 until the present. Duties have been to investigate and prepare court cases and do legal research in landlord and tenant law.

I am the president of Ishi Press, a publisher of Go books, principally in Japan. My company has around 100 books in print.

I am a licensed notary public.

I am well known in the computer field. In 1984, I wrote a program named "Gaijin Shogi" which played Shogi ("Japanese chess") and was featured in a Japanese computer magazine. In 1985-1986, I was the co-developer of the REXCHESS computer program which competed in the 1986 World Computer Chess Championship. This program has since been re-written and renamed Socrates and is one of the top computer chess playing programs in the world. Both REXCHESS and Socrates are sold commercially.

I am the author of four books in print: "The Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson", "How to Take Over an American Public Company", "Chinese Chess for Beginners" and "Khowar English Dictionary".

I am well known on the World Wide Web. I have more than 3000 pages up, all of which were completely written and designed by myself. I receive an average of 50000 hits per day on my web site, which is http://www.ishipress.com . The number of hits per day has been constantly increasing due to the increased popularity of my web site. I have had 7,000 hits on some recent days.

I argued orally a case before the United States Supreme Court and won 9-0. This is a landmark case in federal securities law: SEC v. Samuel H. Sloan, 436 US 103 (1978). I believe that this is the only case which has been argued by a pro se non-lawyer which has been won 9-0.

I am seeking employment in the computer and legal drafting field. I have a combination of abilities which few people have. I am familiar with virtually all popular computer programs. I am well familiar with legal matters. I do things which normally only lawyers do. I am a good writer. People like reading the things that I write. For numerous examples of my writing ability, see my home page on the World Wide Web.

REFERENCES: Al Fogelson, President, Butler Place Associates, 24 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217, (718) 638-2581

Al Miller, President, Shareholder Communications Corporation, 17 State Street, New York NY 10004, (212) 805-7000

Contact address - please send e-mail to the following address: Sloan@ishipress.com