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I have gone on a binge of making family trees lately and I have just made a family tree of all or almost all of the Royal Families of Europe combined.

One would have thought that many people had done this and that this was commonly available. I certainly did. However, I could not find any such thing anywhere on the Internet. Of course, there were a few bits and pieces here and there, but I could not find anything satisfactory for serious research.

I was reluctant to post what I have come up with, because people on the tree I have created are famous. This means that if there are errors (and I am sure there are many) everybody will jump on me because almost everybody knows something about at least somebody on my tree. I wish to be notified of any mistakes, errors and corrections, so that I can make corrections before too many others notice it.

There are some really famous and important people on my family tree, such as Princess Diana for example. Even some of her in-laws are famous and important as well!

Please do blame me entirely for any mistakes. What I started with was a jumbled mess. At the same time, I need to be thankful to the hundreds of people who have made contributions which have I compiled together to create this.

Here are a few of the famous people on my tree. These people are also useful as bookmarks to navigate around my tree:

I have complete links from Prince Charles back to the ancestors of William the Conqueror and complete links from Czar Nicholas II back to the ancestors of Ivan the Terrible, Catherine the Great and Peter the Great. I also have the Kings of France from Louis XVI back to Charlemagne.

All of these people are related to each other, because of the wife-swapping system which went on. For example, the King of England would give his daughter to the King of Prussia in exchange for the daughter of that king. Because of this process, it is not correct to talk about the Royal Families of Europe, because they were all just one big not always happy family. (I am not sure how King Zog of Albania fit into this, however.)

I have created a new sub-directory for this family tree, because the directory below it contains the same file names but it the family tree for Thomas Jefferson and his slaves instead, plus a few American Presidents such as Kennedy, Reagan and Baby Bush and Papa Bush.

The index pages are:

Please note that the program I use to create these family trees does not distinguish whether the parents were legally married. Therefore, although I have listed eleven wives for King James V of Schtland and twelve for King Charles II of England, in reality they were only legally married twice. The rest of the women listed were mistresses.

Sam Sloan

Here is my family tree: NOTE: These pages were produced by me through the software available from the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. However, I am not a member of that church.

Sam Sloan

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