Testimonial to Sam Sloan

Tom Dorsch seems to have a pathologic dislike of Sam Sloan. Believe me, Sam is not as bad as Mr. Dorsch makes out. For one thing, the services Sam has provided me with over the years has been worth much more than I have paid him. His recent trip to Japan was truly invaluable. He gave me an incredible amount of information about the Internet. He also saved me about $100,000 that would have gone to the tax authorities with some invaluable tax advice. (Note that Sam's father had an illustrious career with the IRS, and he learned a lot on that subject on his father's knee.) I hope that someday I will be able to reimburse him for the true value of his services to me.

Richard Bozulich

In article <19991121055049.17069.00000671@ng-fn1.aol.com>, tomdorsch@aol.com (TOMDORSCH) wrote:

Imagine...a Sloan who can be trusted with money! It must be mighty cold in Hell these days ;-)

Sam Sloan is now almost 60 years old, is running around trying to score with "girlfriends" by practicing his Japanese "dirty talk," and expounding his views on nymphomania, while he exploits his parasitic relationship with one of his favorite long-time marks, Richard Bozulich.

Tom Dorsch

Dear Mr. Dorsch,

You are mistaken. Sam Sloan has been a guest in my house for the last month and a half. His physical appearance has been great altered. He is now fat with a huge potbelly. Moreover, he is NOT nearly 60 years old. According to his passport, which I have a copy of for various legal documents I filed for him in Japan, he was born in 1949, making him nearly 50 years old. I can verify this personally because when I met him in Beserkeley in 1964 he was just a 15-year-old child prodigy who had been admitted to UCB under a special dispensation from Clark Kerr.

I realize that you may harbor some ill-will against Mr. Sloan, as many people do, but I feel that you should respect the truth. I am sure that Sam would be willing to put his picture and passport on his website to verify what I have stated here.

I am
your most obedient servant
Richard Bozulich

Subject: Re: NU defeats Texas, Sam Sloan crash lands on Mars.
From: tomdorsch@aol.com (TOMDORSCH)
Date: 1999/12/06
Newsgroups: rec.games.chess.politics

Sam is nearly sixty years old--pathetic, wrinkled, scrawny, distracted.

He's probably just grateful for the reduced gravity. Helps keep his arches--and everything else--up.

Tom Dorsch

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