Dearest Passion Isara Julinsey,

I am sure you know that I spend several hours of every day trying to think of a way to get you back here.

Obviously, professing my undying love for you hasn't worked and isn't going to work, because you don't care about such things.

Therefore, I have to think of another approach.

I remember that you told me that once when you broke up with a man, in order to get revenge on him, you called up his wife and told her that you had been fucking her husband.

Since you would do a thing like that (which I find incredible that anyone would do) I certainly have the right to do anything within reason to get you to come back here and start fucking me again.

Thinking it over, it seems likely that the reason our relationship went sour is that it was important to you that nobody know the true nature of our relationship. You just wanted everyone to believe that I was a kindly man who was giving you a free place to stay.

We both agree that we fell out of love on Thanksgiving Weekend, when your friend Carol stayed in our home for the weekend.

The mystery to me has been why Carol's visit here caused that effect.

I think that it was because, unless Carol was very stupid (and undoubtedly she is not), she was able to realize by staying here that we were having sex together.

In fact, she told me that she overheard noises in the middle of the first night and she knew that we were obviously making love.

(Remember, that was the first night when you came in at 4:00 AM and asked me to cuddle you. You did not do that again the second night.)

We are both adults and everyone agrees that there is nothing wrong with doing that, but for some reason you do not want anyone to know about that.

When you moved out of my home, you did things like delete all the numbers on the CALLER ID of your prospective boyfriends who had been calling you and tearing up the phone numbers of your friends so that I could not contact them.

However, you did not and could not have deleted the e-mail addresses of your friends, which I had safely hidden in cyberspace, which are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Don't worry. I have not e-mailed any of your friends. I just want you to know that I have this capability. After all, remember that you are a girl who once called up a woman and told her that you had been fucking her husband.

But, now I am going to get you, because, with great difficulty, I have now recovered the love/sex letters you wrote to me by e-mail in October when you were trying to get me to come to Dallas to stay with you. It took me time and effort to get these letters because of the fact that my computer was stolen while I was coming to Dallas, but I have them now.

These letters positively sizzle! It makes my blood boil to read these letters. No wonder I left my job, moved out of my house and gave up everything just to go there and be with you.

Have you forgotten what you wrote? Here are a few samples:

"There are open arms waiting for you should you ever decide to come to Dallas."

"Just imagine the wind caressing your face as you drift off into Xanadu."

But, more than these limited quotations, everything about your letters was calculated to arouse my level of love, my passion and my desire for you, and basically to give me a hard on.

Your letters were masterpieces, I must admit.

Anyone reading these letters, the letters you wrote to me plus the letters I wrote back to you, is going to realize that as soon as we finally got together, we were going to start fucking like crazy, as indeed we did.

Now, the question is: What am I going to do with these letters? Obviously, I cannot just send them to all your friends. In that case, their value would be lost. Rather, I need to use them to blackmail you, to let you know that if you don't come back here and start fucking me again, I am going to let the entire world know about this.

By the way, because of the movie "Anastasia", I have been reading about the history of Rasputin. Did you know that Czarina Alexandra of Russia wrote dozens of love letters to Rasputin, letters which made it obvious that they were having sex together? Then, another monk found out about this and stole a packet of these letters from Rasputin's room and had them published in a newspaper.

This happened in 1911 and, according to historians, this greatly contributed to the overthrow of the Czar in 1916 and condemned Russia to more than 70 years of Communist rule.

Therefore, the weight of these letters you wrote me, although they certainly will not cause world revolution, could have profound and unpredictable consequences some day in the perhaps distant future.

Also, your mother called me a few times just before and after you moved out and I was surprised to learn that she did not even know that I had ever been to Dallas. How would she, and your sister and your brother-in-law feel if they knew that I slept in their bed for almost ten nights and fucked you at least once and sometimes two or three times in that bed every night, this being a new bed which they had just bought for their honeymoon?

Actually, this is a slight exaggeration. I only fucked you ten times in Dallas (I counted them) and four of those ten times were on the last day before I went back to New York, but we still did a lot of fucking in your sister's bridal bed. I am sure that when my cum came oozing out of your pussy, it must have left a lot of cum spots and stains plus a smell on the bed.

I can prove this, because how else would I know the details of all the furniture in your sister's bedroom. In addition, my entire web site was downloaded into your brother-in-law's computer. I doubt if you were able to delete it all.

Here is what I want: I know that you want to keep our true relationship a secret. I also know that you need a lot of time to study and pursue your career. I do not want to infringe upon that.

However, you also know what I want and need.

I will make a deal with you. We will set a schedule. You will come here (or I will go there) and I will fuck you three or four times per week, every week, only.

I am sure you will understand that I am trying to be reasonable. If it was on my schedule, I would fuck you at least 14 times per week, including once every night and once every morning.

In addition, from now on, we will fuck the way that I want to fuck. There will be no more rules and restrictions set by you. (I am sure that you know what that means.)

Finally, and most importantly, this agreement will continue in perpetuity. You can do anything you want with your life. You can continue your career, get married, have kids (tell him they are his, even if they are mine) set up practice, tour the world (I will follow on a different flight secretly) and do absolutely anything you want to do with your life, just as long as you keep to your schedule of coming to let me fuck you 3 or 4 times every week. (Tell them that you have some rare condition which requires that you see a specialist several times a week).

As long as you let me fuck you three or four times every week without fail, I shall keep our relationship a secret and never tell anybody about it.

Otherwise, I don't want to say otherwise, but I think you can imagine what I will do.



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