Letter about Sperm Donations

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June 15, 1995

Dear TV Show:

I am a sperm donor. In about 1977, I donated sperm about 5 or 6 times to Idant Corp. in New York. That is the corporation which about ten years later became involved in a scandal in which they mixed up the sperm of a white man and a black man. The baby, which was supposed to have been white, was born black.

Idant Corp. told me that I would have a child for each time that I donated. Accordingly, there should be five or six children out there that I do not know. I would be very happy if one of my children showed up on my door step. However, I believe that this would be unlikely, because Idant Corp. told me at the time that they destroyed all records, so that even if the mother of the doctor wanted to find out information about the biological father, it would be impossible for them to do so.

I was told by Idant Corp. that my sperm count was 144 million sperm per cc. This is an exceptionally high count, they said. I do not smoke, drink, use drugs, or anything like that, other than drink coffee.

Since then I have fathered seven children, four girls and three boys, by the natural method. My oldest is 16 and my youngest is 3.

I was an honors math student at the University of California at Berkeley. I am a rated chess expert. I am also the author of four books in print.

Very Truly Yours,

Samuel H. Sloan

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