by Samuel H. Sloan, 180 pp., The Orsden Press, $14.95

Anyone who regularly reads the financial section of any American newspaper has come across the term "Corporate Raid." This term evokes the vision of a commando operation, with paratroopers jumping in and attacking an unsuspecting target.

It can, in reality, be a bit like that.

This is a "How to do It" book. It is intended to teach something which few people know anything about, which is how to conduct a corporate raid. There are almost no books on the subject, not even in the major law libraries in America. Anyone who has this knowledge finds it too valuable to write about and to reveal it to others.

The book begins with four chapters on the fundamental basics of the stock market and builds up to incredibly complex securities transactions. The author has 18 years experience in the Wall Street Financial District.

Here is a review of the book, "How to Take Over an American Public Company", which was published in the Japan Times in Tokyo Book Review .

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