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Summer Chess Camp 2004
NYChessKids Summer Camp 2004

P.O.Box 529
New York, N.Y. 10163
Contact International Master Saudin Robovic
Visit our homepage www.NYChesskids.com
Any questions about registrations email us at info@nychesskids.com or go to our guest book through the homepage.

Summer Camp Overview
Come and join us for a summer of fun, fun, fun! Everyone is welcome!! Girls and Boys, young and a little older, from all over the city are invited to join us for an amazing summer of fun. Our summer camps are packed full of activities that will keep your child entertained as well as keep their brains in motion over the summer break from school. Join us for chess, music, art, sports and so much more. At the NYCK summer camp you can chose to come for half a day or the whole summer. Your child can chose whatever activity they want. They might want to play chess all day, or take a music class. They might even feel like attending an art class or sporting event in the park, such as kick ball, soccer, etc. Whatever they want, its here at the NYCK summer camp. Every Wednesday Chess Tournament from 5-8pm
NYChessKids Puzzle Books
Every child will recieve a puzzle book for attending the camp for a full week. The puzzle are assigned based on the teachers evaluation of the level of each student. The book starts at the easiest level, "CheckMate In One" book one. The Next level of puzzles is "CheckMate In Two" book one. The more advanced students recieve "Combo Mambo" book one through five. "Mixed Tactics" is still an old favorite, and the teachers refer to the endgame manuals, and teachers manuals for giving group lessons.
T-Shirts from Level 1-12
NYChessKids Staff assigns levels to its students. All beginers start at level one "Level Pawn". The kids will get a Pawn T-Shirt for this level. The next is "Level Knight" (level two), Followed by "Bishop", "Rook", "Queen", "King" all the way up to the top level, "En-Pessant".
Pizza Party Every Friday!!!
The students are required to bring their own packed lunch every day. If the student forgets their lunch at home then we will provide food. We have a kitchen at the church and will sporadic barbeques throughout the summer. We also have a very wide selection of beverages. If the child eats kosher food then we can provide specific requests, e.g. Nutella and Matza, Vegetarian Food.
Sports at the Playground
Every day at 1pm the class goes to the Playground for a hour and a half. The kids decide what activity they want to do. They have a choice between Basketball Soccer, Manhunt, Freeze Tag, Baseball, and many other sports.
During free time the kids are allowed to relax and play video games, watch movies for kids, read books, do school homework, play cards, etc.......................................................................................................................Every Wednesday we have a chess tournament from 5-8 p.m. Trophies will be awarded. Click on the banner below to read more.

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