Decision of the Supreme Court of Virginia dated May 14, 1997


In the Supreme Court of Virginia held at the Supreme Court Building in the City of Richmond on Wednesday the 14th Day of May, 1997.

M. Ismail Sloan, Appellant,


Record No. 97052
Court of Appeals No. 1389-96-3

Charles E. Roberts, et al., Appellees.

From the Court of Appeals of Virginia

Finding that the decision of the Court of Appeals does not involve (1) a substantial constitutional question as a determinative issue, or (2) matters of significant precedential value, the court dismisses the petition for appeal filed in the above styled case. Code Sec. 17-116.07 (A) (3) and (B).

On consideration whereof, the appellant's motion for transcripts is denied.

A Copy,


David B. Beach, Clerk


/s/ Jennifer G. Earle

Deputy Clerk

This decision dismissed the following petition: Petition to the Virginia Supreme Court

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