Report of Gregg A. Warshaw, MD



Sloan, Marjorie

Problem: Probable Alzheimer's senile dementia.

Dr. Sloan is a 75 year old psychiatrist who was first referred here to see Dr. Peter Becker on April 12, 1984. At that time the history was compatible with Alzheimer's type senile dementia, but the patient tested in the normal range. This was felt to represent her baseline superior intelligence and follow up was done in the Fall of 1984. At that time Dr. Sloan was felt to continue to have increasing difficulty with memory but her testing was still quite adequate. She was planning to spend the winter in Florida and planned to come back here after her move back to Charlotte. She is living with her son and daughter-in-law who is now pregnant and their 2 year old child. She is not on any medications except vitamins. She continues to have memory problems which she admits openly. Her daughter-in-law reports that she continues to show decline her short term memory. She tires easily, and is complaining of some backaches. At first when they moved in about 2 months ago she was quite disoriented and unhappy and possibly depressed. Since then she has adjusted and the family is comfortable with the current living situation.

Mrs. Sloan was seen by Ann Louise Barrick on May 13, 1985 for psychological testing. Testing revealed significant memory decline over the period of time since previous psychological testing. There was some suggestion of lateralization to the left parietal.

On exam today the patient did not demonstrate any focal neurological findings, or any evidence of weakness or neurological loss in her lower extremities. A general physical exam was not completed today.

I spent considerable time talking to the patient's daughter-in-law about management strategy for the future. She will obtain a personal physician Dr. Garman Brown in Charlotte. I will send some medical records to the family to be carried to Dr. Brown on the first visit. Return to the GET clinic will be at the family's initiation.

Probable Alzheimer's disease will be the diagnosis that we will carry at this time. I do not think further testing or a CT scan is indicated.

Gregg A. Warshaw, M.D.

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