Stan Vaughan accepts apology and withdraws ethics complaint

Stan Vaughan
15 December 1997

USCF Ethics Committee
John McCrary, Chairman
564 Rainbow Circle
West Columbia South Carolina 29170

Dear Mr. McCrary,

re: my complaint to Ethics Committee (addressed to Tim Redman chairman) with regard to a statement in e mail by Sam Sloan that it was claimed I signed up scholastic members to USCF using my own address. I have received from him a written apology dated DEC 14, 1997 . As such I am requesting that you dismiss the complaint as I am contented my honor has been vindicated as I can show this letter if need be. By separate letter I am also responding to Mr. Sloan of this fact and sending him a lengthy additional reply.

Sincerely yours,

Stan Vaughan
USCF Senior level TD thru 12/99
USCF Certified Chess Coach
Stan Vaughan's Las Vegas Chess Club USCF affiliate Id A6012628
and Secretary Nevada State Chess Association
USCF State Affiliate and ID T6009686

Organization: Nevada State Chess Association, Inc.
To: "Sloan, Sam" sloan@ISHIPRESS.COM
Subject: withdrawal of ethics Complaint, supplementary

Stan Vaughan
15 Dec 1997

Dear Mr. Sloan,

By separate e-mail I have sent you a copy of my letter to John McCrary USCF Ethics Committee Chairman. I do hope in the future you will be more careful in checking your facts prior to making publicized statements.

You have asked for a detailed response to yours of 14 Dec 1997 to Ernest Schlich, So here goes.

On June 22,1996, USCF's lawyer Ulrich Smith (see transcript of hearing USCF vs. Stan Vaughan, Plaza Hotel 10 am Las Vegas Nevada) made an agreement on behalf of USCF that indeed my TD certification would be considered to not have been revoked and that said hearing above would be used as vehicle to attempt to revoke my valid TD certification. USCF's 5 subpoenaed witnesses were in contempt and refused to testify on behalf of USCF as to the veracity of charges made by Carol Jarecki on behalf of USCF vs. me. After testimony from 10 am to 5 pm by Vaughan defense witnesses and production of affidavits refuting every single USCF claim and charge, the USCF adjourned the hearing under the condition it would reconvene and complete hearing within 4 months i.e. by 10/22/96 In violation of the agreement, USCF continued to libel me by false publication that my USCF TD certification was revoked, when in fact not and after publication continued in USCF rating supplements Aug 96 Oct 96 Dec 96 Feb 97 suit was filed as co plaintiff with NSCA in Nevada vs. USCF which now asks 25 million in damages to NSCA and also including to Stan Vaughan individually.

I co-founded the Nevada State Chess Association after my arrival in Nevada in 1987 and said organization was approved in August 1989 as the official USCF affiliate. At no time, including present should you refer to this as "Stan Vaughan's organization. The bylaws of NSCA, approved by USCF in August 1989 were written by none other than me,(are you surprised?) and called for annual elections. Each year after USCF approval I complained when the bylaws were violated by the President pro-tem Allen Magruder by failing to hold the annual elections in 1990 1991 1992,1993 1994 and 1995 despite my written complaints to USCF copies of which are included in the lawsuit documents. With the USCF abdicating its responsibilities, Nevada USCF members went to the Nevada Attorney General with a complaint and request for instructions as to how to force elections. They required a minimum 50 USCF members in Nevada (by laws stated all USCF members in Nevada automatically a NSCA member without dues a provision I wrote in to ensure democracy and that in lieu of dues a fee could be charged for the Newsletter but if not subscribed to each USCF member in Nevada retained voting rights. The requirements were met of NRS 80.326 to meet State law requirements to force incorporation of unincorporated entity. After application to State Secretary for Corporate Charter, Magruder filed legal paperwork to block the incorporation, but which recognized the State's authority to decide who represented NSCA. A CPA run election was held, which Magruder lost to Mike Lamb the Presidency 176-23. I was not involved until May of 1996 when Lamb stepped down, the Board appointed Tom Claim to finish out Lamb's term and requested me to fill out Claim's term as Sec. Later upon expiration I ran for the office, obtaining some 664 votes from the electorate in the 1997 CPA conducted election.

Again The Nevada State Chess Association approved by USCF in August 1989 and for which I wrote the bylaws for, neither then or now has NEVER been "my organization" I doubt that you could incorporate General Motors in another State as in the case of Nevada law a corporate name is revoked if found to have been previously incorporated in another State. NRS 601.010-030, I did not incorporate the Nevada State Chess Association Nov 28,1995 A check of the records shows Tom Klem was resident agent.

The group you refer to, Nevada Chess Inc which USCF has without following its own bylaws in first revoking T6009686 affiliate of Nevada State Chess Association and allowing Nevada Chess access to using that Id # was never revoked by USCF. The corporate charter application has since been found defective of New organization Nevada Chess Inc because it in Oct 96 when applying for charter submitted as its bylaws and articles (required under State law) were never submitted under name Nevada Chess Inc but instead NSCA's articles and bylaws submitted and the Nevada Chess Inc application states in Article 1 "The name of the organization shall be Nevada State Chess Association". Therefore the never submitted the bylaws required in conjunction with application which must state Nevada Chess Inc instead. We will win the suit as we are on firm legal ground. Magruder was voted out of office and his cronies and any subsequent meeting after June 12 1996 when State revoked and dismissed Magruder's legal blockade of incorporation was thus not in accordance with State law so his so called NSCA annual meeting of Sep 29,1996 in Tonopah has no legal standing and furthermore was in violation of State law.

NSCA suspended the Meadows school from participating under the Meadows name as a school club for one year. No individual was prevented and in fact many Meadows students were allowed to compete in the State scholastic champs as INDIVIDUALS competing only for individual but not team prizes. At no time have I personally ever kicked anyone out of chess. NSCA follows Robert's Rules of Order and for any revocation, it must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the entire membership voting in an election. Thus, in 1997 the first NSCA revocations were approved vs. Magruder by vote of 647-20. This in no way affected his ability to play in USCF events but only his statue in NSCA being made ineligible to vote and in future ineligible to run for office for all the misery and financial expenditure he caused NSCA by remaining an un-elected dictator for 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 ,1996, 1997.

Magruder can still play in non NSCA sponsored USCF rated events not only in Nevada but throughout the Schultz Kingdom.

As a TD, I only report bona fide results. The Lonardo case was an aberration, as I advertised I accepted challenges from all comers, and yet despite repeated urging the Lonardos had Candice play almost no where else but in Stan Vaughan chess club challenges vs. me. I agreed with Weeramantry in this instance as an aberration and that I recommended her rating should be lowered to about 1050, which upon my recommendation I believe it was lowered check annual rating list. When I helped start NSCA in 1989 Nevada had about 200 USCF members by 1995 it had 1200 since the ensuing attacks USCF membership currently stands at about 792 in Nevada. The issue as I feel involves monopoly issues of trying to be (USCF) the only big tournament organizers in Vegas unless your name is Goichberg (oh by the way his internal memo in court case files shows he wanted USCF TDCC to rule a certain way to prevent Stan Vaughan from running events). Ferguson's internal memo states that he wanted Al Lawrence NOT to send the Vaughan defense exhibits to TDCC (so that USCF might get the TDCC to vote a certain way. Jarecki is looked upon as a carpetbagger despite Trivett and Magruder certifying her as a candidate and putting her and Gruenberg both of whom do not really live in Nevada else why does the rating supplement show a NY phone number as an arbiter for Jarecki and a non-Nevada address for her for rules committee. Personally I would have loved for her NOT to have been allowed to run in 1997 elections. She is unpopular here for her Darth Vader episode vs. a nine year old doing an investigation of Stan Vaughan under false pretenses of telling kid she was doing a Schoolmates article on him, but then all questions were not about his prowess but questions about me. Regardless of ratings, my team won the National Scholastic Chess Club title for 4th-6th grade at 1995 All America Cup. My student Patrick Hummel won National title at 6th grade 7th grade and this year champ in HS division as eighth grader at National Scholastic Action Champs in LV. Perhaps Goichberg etc were afraid of competition as with the 1996 UltraNationals of ACA in Las Vegas. The Meadows kids bombed out because the new coach made them all give up their Stan Vaughan taught openings at Nationals and incredibly made them learn new ones on short notice. So again you did not check to see that indeed Jarecki had declared herself a candidate for State Association in 1997. All I want from you Sam is check your facts before pulling the trigger but at least I am grateful once confronted with truth you admit "It is entirely possible that I was wrong" and "in short, even if I was mistaken on one point.."

I certainly do not want Schultz and co to use this to their advantage so I withdrew the complaint now that I feel satisfied due to above paragraph.

In renewed friendship,

Stan Vaughan

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